The author and writer Patricia Burke Brogan died on September 5th 2022. Splòdar Theatre Company, The Glens Centre, Manorhamilton produced her remarkable play, ECLIPSED, on three occasions, most recently in 2019 and a radio version in 2021. This ground-breaking work focuses on life in a Magdalene Laundry and it portrays the sad lives of the women incarcerated there. Patricia Burke Brogan was in the audience on the occasion of our first production.

Some members of  Splòdar company went to visit her prior to our 2019 production. Though her health was deteriorating then, it was wonderful to see her alive, enquiring eyes and it was a privilege to have met her. We also met her sister Claire Mc Garry, Ballinamore and she attended our 2019 production. In a break in Covid restrictions in 2021 the cast regrouped to make a radio version of Eclipsed. 

Now, as Splòdar prepare to stage a new play, The Last Prime Minister of Ireland, we remember with fondness and appreciation our meeting with Patricia. May this great woman who has done so much to highlight that dark time in irish history Rest In Peace.      

To rent or purchase audio recording of Eclipsed visit splodartheatre.com.                    

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